Welcome to Barnes Bees!

Did you know that bees pollinate over 70 food crops in Britain, providing a service to the economy worth over £400 million? Its true! And the honeybees need our help. Over the past few years there has been a serious decline in honeybees throughout the world. Here at Barnes Bees, we want to do something about this crisis.

We’ve set up a small social enterprise located in the thriving community of Barnes, Richmond. We want to capitalize on the 21 miles of river frontage, numerous parks and green spaces and fabulous bee-friendly attractions like Kew Gardens, London Wetlands Centre, and Richmond Park, to create a thriving beekeeping community.

Our focus:

  • increasing the local population of honeybees
  • educating local schools and community groups about pollinators
  • improving the availability of forage in the local area

If you’re interested in finding out more information about sponsoring a hive, booking an educational talk or beekeeping in schools please Contact Us